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Vision & Mission


  • Every Child, Every Class, Every Day
  • Reach the core of every heart in every class
  • P—Preparing students for a rapidly changing world
  • J—Joining together with community by building partnerships
  • S—Serving our students, families, and community
  • P—Promote collaborated between staff, students, parents and community members
  • J—Joining and working together to set and achieve goals
  • S—Supporting our students in their journey to become leaders in a global community
  • P—Prepare students to excel in STEM
  • J—Joining and working together with parents and community partners to enable students to succeed in 21st century careers
  • S—Serving our students and families and empowering them to serve others.
Our vision is to create an effective PreK-8 school with high levels of students’ achievement and helping train tomorrows global leaders.


  • The mission statement of Petros-Joyner School is to meet the needs of all students through a STEM based education that will enable them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
    • A STEM related, standards based curriculum will be the foundation for success in literacy, career/work, and life skills allowing them to succeed in a global economy.
  • The mission of Petros Joyner is to develop curious young people who aspire to be compassionate leaders who will thrive in the 21st century. Our program strives to create self-motivated, competent, life-long learners.
    • We believe that:
    • Parents are the first and primary teachers. They are responsible for their children’s basic needs and values.
    • Knowledge and application of current technology prepares students for tomorrow’s world.
    • Schools will provide a safe environment to inquire, explore, design, and create.